Payroll services 

We offer a full payroll service in accordance with Estonian legislation and accounting requirements. By making sure that the taxes are paid and that the reporting requirements surrounding the employee compensation are met in a timely and accurate way, we maintain our clients' peace of mind.

Why choose us?

  • Our extensive payroll knowledge ensures accurate, legal, and efficient payroll processing for our customers' employees. We are pleased to have as our clients both small businesses and those with sizable workforces.

  • We customise payroll systems to match your company's unique needs. We give comprehensive information that may help you forecast payroll expenditures, make management choices, and develop a wage strategy.

  • We provide timely payroll processing and accurate submission of required declarations. Because precise standards are established for payroll reports, meeting them is linked to the company's reputation in the eyes of customers and business partners.

  • Since we have knowledge and experience in conducting payroll in Sweden, Finland and Latvia in addition to Estonia, we can offer a combined service in each of the mentioned countries. We provide payroll management services for employees in Estonia, Finland, Sweden, and Latvia, guaranteeing prompt, accurate payroll accounting that complies with local regulations.

  • We maintain complete salary data confidentiality and adhere to the confidentiality agreement between us and the client while processing financial and personal salary data, in addition to national data protection regulations.


We are happy to be a dependable, trusted long-term partner for companies seeking to simplify and cost-effectively manage their employee payroll operations. If you would like to make an appointment with us for a consultation or you have any payroll-related questions, please fill out the form below.

Contact us

  • Write us about your wishes or the problem you are looking for a solution to.
  • In most cases, our consultant will contact you to ask some clarifying questions or invite you to a meeting.
  • After receiving the necessary information, we will prepare a non-binding offer for you, which we will send by e-mail.