Establishment of companies

If you are considering beginning a business or are about to establish a company, we can assist you make the process go more smoothly and efficiently. In addition to Estonia, we provide business formation services in Sweden, Finland, and Latvia. We assist with everything from picking a company form to getting registrations and organising reports.

Why choose us?

We have considerable experience in establishing companies in Estonia, Sweden, Latvia and Finland. We can assist with choosing the most suitable form based on the goals and orientation of the company, as well as other aspects, such as the planned workforce and the field of activity. We also help to take into account tax aspects and other obligations that await your new company. Permits and registrations require care as well, which is relatively simple in Estonia but complex in Finland and Sweden.

The following is an outline of the components of the setup service we offer:

  • An initial meeting to discuss the goals and possible limitations of the company to be formed

  • Assist in selecting the most suitable business structure (joint-stock company, self-employed, branch, etc.)

  • Assist with selecting a unique business name

  • Preparing and submitting legal documentation (e.g., articles of association)

  • Organizing the registration procedure in the business register

  • Assisting with VAT registration (if applicable)

  • Facilitating bank account opening procedures

  • Ensuring compliance with incorporation procedures and documents.

  • Providing ongoing assistance with monthly and annual reporting, as well as resolving post-establishment difficulties.

  • Guidance on matters related to trade unions, contracts, insurance, and other aspects of being an employer; if required, we can also assist with contract drafting and support in negotiations.

If you need guidance and assistance in establishing a business, we invite you for a consultation. Please fill out the form below and provide us with your request.

Contact us

  • Write us about your wishes or the problem you are looking for a solution to.
  • In most cases, our consultant will contact you to ask some clarifying questions or invite you to a meeting.
  • After receiving the necessary information, we will prepare a non-binding offer for you, which we will send by e-mail.