Financial counselling

Proper financial management is the basis of a successful company. Companies can appear successful on the surface, with lots of clients and successful projects, but after a while, they find themselves in such a financial condition that their activities must be reorganised or the company has to be liquidated. Wisecounter's mission is to assist clients in creating and maintaining financial order, as well as to help them build a solid, lasting, and independent businesses.

Why choose us?

  • Our approach to handling our clients' financial concerns is methodical and thorough. We study your company's existing situation and, in collaboration with you, build effective financial plans to meet both short- and long-term objectives.

  • We offer tax advice and assist in setting up the necessary frameworks to guarantee that your business's tax strategies are optimised, that all deadlines are fulfilled, and that transparency is maintained. Your firm can operate in a way that does not impose an excessive and unnecessary tax burden while also avoiding tax risks.

  • Our consultants assist with liability load reduction and cash flow management. A well-thought-out financial structure creates the foundation for financial security and allows you to focus on business activities with the confidence that unforeseen events can be handled.

  • Financial security may be attained through risk awareness and mitigation. We provide risk-reduction techniques focused on enhancing efficiency, lowering costs, and improving procedures.

  • Our financial advisors have many years of working with organisations across industries. And therefore, we can be useful in complex situations and envision solutions to even more difficult problems.

  • We value confidentiality and strive for continuous improvement. Our role is not to offer assessments, but to collaborate with our clients to achieve their company's objectives.

If you are looking to stabilise your company's finances, we would gladly assist you in conducting analyses, developing strategies, and implementing action plans. Fill out the form below to let us know what you're interested in.

Contact us

  • Write us about your wishes or the problem you are looking for a solution to.
  • In most cases, our consultant will contact you to ask some clarifying questions or invite you to a meeting.
  • After receiving the necessary information, we will prepare a non-binding offer for you, which we will send by e-mail.