Wisecounter Estonia

Accounting, company formation and business consulting services for businesses operating in Estonia

About us

Wisecounter has been offering accounting, payroll, business, and legal consulting services to businesses internationally for over 16 years.

Wisecounter Estonia team's mission is to provide their customers with certainty that their financial affairs are always in perfect order.

Our long-standing partnerships with businesses and organisations across a wide variety of industries have equipped us with the skills and knowledge needed to support our clients' aspirations and be a valuable partner.

Because we operate in Sweden, Finland, and Latvia in addition to Estonia, we can provide all of our services separately in each market as well as in combination in two or more markets. In this way, our customers can be confident that their accounting affairs are in order in all countries where they operate, and their tax concerns are handled lawfully and in the best interests of their company.

If you are interested or have any questions, you are invited to come in for a consultation.

Our services in Estonia

We take care of your company's accounting, payroll and tax accounting issues, we help you obtain the permits and registrations necessary for operation, we support you with establishing a company, and assist in resolving disputes if necessary.

Wisecounter's services include:

Team Wisecounter Estonia

Our team of Estonian accountants and consultants has extensive professional experience, which has equipped them with a wide variety of expertise to be the best partners for our customers. Several members of our team have previously worked as chief accountants or financial managers for multinational corporations and are now sharing their skills to assist our clients.

In addition to accounting, we can help customers resolve challenges with the authorities, deliver financial, business, and legal advice, and provide the information you need to make management choices.

Estonian consultants also provide team trainings to help businesses perform efficiently.

Wisecounter's offices are located not only in Estonia, but also in Sweden, Finland, and Latvia, allowing us to provide integrated services to our clients and assure compliance with accounting and business documentation standards in all jurisdictions where they operate.


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